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Enrollment for S.Y. 2023-2024 is now open!

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Dickens Sanomi Academy is a private, tuition-fee-paying school. We accept FES and FES-UA scholarships. 
• Financial assistance is available to families who qualify.


ESE Tuition:              
Enrollment / Re-enrollment fee     
(DUE at re-enrollment & non-refundable)          

Single-Family - $200            
Multi Families - $350  


Annual Tuition:  

ESE Program (Pre.K 3) - $10,050

ESE Program (Pre.K 4) - $10,500            

ESE Program – Lower School (K to 5th Grade) - $15,000

ESE Program – Upper School (6th to 12th Grade) - $16,850

ESE Program (18years to 22years) - $21,200


Non-ESE Tuition:              
Annual Tuition:             

Non-ESE Program (K to 5th Grade) - $8,100              
Non-ESE Program – Middle School - $8,350    
Non-ESE Program – High School - $8,600  


Annual Additional Fee “Not Included” in Tuition: 
• Curriculum Fee              
 Yearly fee Due by 1st day of school  (K – 5th) - $850  
 Yearly fee Due by 1st day of school  (6th – 12th) - $1,000

• Testing Fee              
 Yearly fee Due by 1st day of school - $450      

• Activity / Technology Fee              
 Yearly fee Due by 1st day of school - $400          

* Please be advised that you are responsible for the payment of any balance after the scholarship award has been applied. Failure to pay any outstanding balance will involve a collection proceeding and a withdrawal of your child from the school.