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From the Principal's Pen

Dear friends,

Welcome to our Website!

As you explore our site, we hope you get the feel of Dickens Sanomi Academy (DSA,). At DSA, we believe that good education must be one that addresses all development areas of a child.

We provide that educational experience by carefully and meticulously planning and designing curriculums that meet the needs of all our students. Our belief is that providing individualized methods in teaching and learning will assist our students in gaining the required tools for life. This will give them the ability, as well as the confidence, to chart their paths into successful adulthood.

Our faculty and staff are invested in creating a fun, holistic academic experience for all our students through engagement and structure support. Learning disabilities should never hinder a student from getting the best education.  

Our DSA community is determined to give those who struggle the strategies to enjoy learning and exhale towards future opportunities.

I invite you to tour our campus and allow us to be that community that believes in your child.

Hope to see you,

Juliet Sanomi  
Principal & Founder