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Upper School: 6th - 8th

At the upper level of learning, similar principles are continued in core subject concentrations. At this stage, we have a good sense of the student’s learning patterns and can now explore other areas. Life skills become an important focus as students learn accountability for their actions. Our program facilitates a higher sense of self-awareness, safety, and overall independence.  Implementing these skills alongside our academics increases the likelihood of student success once they leave our academy.  We also encourage our students to think about their long-term goals by exploring areas that they have natural talent for. For example, the more technologically savvy students who wish to build robots or computer programs could do so here at DSA. Our Upper school program allows students to make executive decisions in their learning capacity. How much they will learn and at the rate they will learn is truly up to them.

High School

The High School program at Dickens Sanomi Academy is a dynamic and rigorous program that meets each individual student where they are and strives to maximize growth, learning, and the ultimate achievement of attaining their 24-credit high school Diploma.

Our program takes the benefits of technological advances in academics and merges them with the traditional classroom to create an integrated, contemporary academic environment that is conducive to students maximizing their potential.

Our 9th and 10th graders have most core classes and electives together while still allowing space to be individualized to maximize effectiveness. As our students reach 11th and 12th grades, and their focuses interests and diverge, so do their classes, as they become more hands-on in their course selection. All the while, we ensure that academic milestones are still achieved. I.e., volunteer house, AP testing, SAT’s/ACT’s, completing the college admissions process, etc. Also available to our students is a host of extracurricular activities to ensure they receive a well-rounded high school experience.