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DSA’s Student Life

DSA is committed to providing programs and services that are guided by Dickens Sanomi Academy’s core values and intended to enhance every student’s experience. With our rigorous Student Life activities students are able to become involved in programs that are of interest to them, connect with peers,  and experience opportunities that may have never been an option for them. We understand that a vibrant Student Life experience is what contributes to an extraordinary time, and DSA is determined to continuously provide such opportunities for our students. From clubs and organizations such as Drama, Dance, Fitness, Chorus, Anime, and Yearbook to educational field trips, career days, college tours and more. Our school is buzzing with activities, and we cannot wait to share it all with you.


DSA Drama Club

Lights, Camera, Action! DSA’s Drama Club is about taking you on a journey, bringing life to what was once inanimate. Our students are able to recreate characters and express themselves wholeheartedly where the stage is their playground. Students have the opportunity to audition for different roles throughout the school year and perform in plays directed by our wonder play director Mr. Tony. Students are able to explore the limits of their creative minds and build confidence.  


DSA Royal Dance Team

5, 6, 7, 8, show the world why we’re so great! DSA’s Royal Dance Team consists of a variety of students who share a similar passion, and love for music. From performing at school events to showcasing their talent at family functions, the DSA Royal Dance Team brings rhythm and pose to every occasion. Members of the DSA Royal Dance Team are able to learn how to be a part of the team, how to lead, how to support peers, and how to communicate. As members of this organization, students will be taught discipline, time management, and how to accept and utilize constructive criticism – skills that they will be able to use as they get older.


DSA Fitness Club

Reps, Sets, and pushing the limits of your body are the core of DSA’s Fitness Club. Members of Fitness Club have the opportunity to learn about their bodies and create individual workout plans to improve their overall health. This allows students who may struggle with dietary and/or health concerns to work on those aspects in a healthy and positive manner. Students often experience an increase in energy levels, improvement in mood, and an increase in hormones that contribute to the regulation of stress and decrease in feelings of depression. With all these benefits, members and parents alike see immediate improvement in their child’s overall well-being.


DSA Chorus Club

DSA Anime Club

DSA Yearbook Club