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Our Mission

To equip our students with the highest quality of education in an environment suitable for their different learning styles; while providing them with the tools necessary to be successful individuals in society. 


Our Vision

Being a foremost learning environment, providing an unparalleled educational experience for all students with or without learning challenges, nurturing the capabilities of children with autism, intellectual, and developmental disorders, empowering them all to live meaningful lives.

Our Goals

In our mission to equip our students with the tools needed to succeed in society, we set the following goals:

  • Assess every student in our Domains ( Academic, Communication, Social-Emotional, and Independent Functioning). 
  • Create and Design a Learning Plan for every student that builds on their strengths while addressing their areas of difficulty and Learning Challenges.
  • Teach content to meet the learning styles in the classroom.
  • Collect data on student progress.
  • Restructure, based on data collected.