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DSA aims to provide the best educational experience to each child. Our goal is to admit those who will truly benefit from our unique program. Therefore, we have developed an enrollment process to help determine if our school is a good fit for your child. Below are the four steps you should expect in the enrollment process:


1. Application – Complete the application and return to the Director of Admissions along with the fees due.

2. Assessment – Every child will be assessed in order to meet the goals of their individualized educational plan (IEP's will be created for those who do not have one).

Required Documents – Copies of the past year’s report cards and test scores, IEP

3. Admissions Committee Review – All required documents will be reviewed and acceptance will be determined.

4. IEP Meeting – Once accepted*, the family will be notified of the decision and called to a meeting to be held with parents, the curriculum and behavior specialists and teacher. Educational goals will be created with parent input, and course selection will be determined. A tuition contract will be given, thus outlining the payment options. The contract must be signed within 7 days for the child to be officially considered enrolled. Additional documents such as the current Immunization records & birth certificate, will be submitted during this meeting.

Intake Assessments

Intake assessments are scheduled for about one to two hours at the school site. During the assessment, DSA staff evaluates the child while the parents meet with a member of the Admissions Department. The educational, leisure, recreational, vocational, and behavioral services available to all students are discussed, as well as additional information about the school.

Admissions Decision

After reviewing all information collected during the initial inquiry and intake assessment, a recommendation to accept or decline a candidate for admission is made to DSA’s Executive Committee. We understand that parents and/or referral sources may be anxious to receive word of a final admission decision. Therefore, DSA makes every effort to provide both verbal and written notifications as soon as possible.

Student admission is based on available placement into what has been determined to be the child’s most appropriate group at the school, not on any numerical standing on the list of potential candidates.

McKay Scholarships & Step Up for Students are accepted. Registration is open year-round. Once again we thank you for your interest in Dickens Sanomi Academy. We hope that we can be the institution to meet your child's educational needs.


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