Educational Goals:


DSA is committed to providing each student a formal education that meets and surpasses the Common Core Florida State and National State Standard required by both the public and private schools. We offer a curriculum that is stimulating, open ended, and uniquely crafted to meet individual needs. Additionally, the student’s IEP is taken into consideration as the best materials are sourced to suit academic ability. At the end of the day, students will not only master content in subject areas, but have fun while doing so. The learning that takes place at DSA is structured to meet the educational philosophy of the school. We therefore strive to meet our overall school goal which ensures that our students: become active and independent learners, gain confidence in themselves, creatively express their talents/interests, , and develop organizational skills for life. 




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 At DSA, we follow a pattern of:



Lower School:


Our elementary program aims to develop solid foundations in all core subject areas (reading, math, etc.). We continually monitor student progress in order to determine strengths and weaknesses and work diligently to achieve balance.  Students will also acquire skills in thinking (both creative and critical), exploration, problem solving, inquiry, and observation. Through what we have coined as TEPIO, learning is transformed from a conventional setting to a more practical environment. An example of this is through our weekly program, “Knowing and Living in My Community”, where students visit and explore neighborhood landmarks. This is just a glance of how hands-on learning is actively implemented at the early stages of learning at Dickens Sanomi Academy.



Upper School:


At the upper level of learning, similar principals are continued in core subject concentrations. At this stage, we have a good sense of the student’s learning patterns and can now explore other areas. Life skills become an important focus as students learn accountability for their actions. Our program facilitates a higher sense of self-awareness, safety, and overall independence.  Implementing these skills alongside our academics increases the likelihood of student success once they leave our academy.  We also encourage our students to think about their long term goals by exploring areas that they have natural talent for. For example, the more technologically savvy students who wish to build robots or computer programs could do so here at DSA. Our middle school program allows students to make executive decisions in their learning capacity. How much they will learn and at the rate they will learn is truly up to them.


High School:

DSA is now offering a High School online program in partnership with EdOptions Academy.

EdOptions Academy partners with schools and districts to deliver rigorous, research-based,

and pedagogically sound curriculum. Trusted nationally by over 1,500 partner school districts,

EdOptions Academy provides extensive and effective learning solutions to all types of learners.

Our fully-accredited virtual school solution allows schools and districts to enhance, expand, and

extend their program offerings.

Special Classes:


With Expressive Arts (music, drama, and art), Life Skills, Physical Education & Zumba classes, we are always incorporating new and exciting ways to make our students' educational experience enjoyable.