DSA offers a variety of sports including basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Sports are vital in the development of children. It teaches life lessons that are sometimes difficult to learn in a class environment. It helps explain the concept of working as a group. Playing sports also helps the child's performance academically. DSA has it's own outdoor facility located just a few minutes from the school. It has also partnered with several coaches specializing in different sports to help teach the students the fundamentals of the games. DSA's students are sure to have a great experience in our athletic department. 









DSA music department includes musical theory and instrumental playing techniques. It's purpose is to allow the students to learn how to express themselves musically and gain the ability to create their own music. There are two events, the Winter Program & Awards Evening, where the students will be able to showcase their talents. 


DSA's Art program believes in hands on exploration in our art classes. This encourages a love of art, learning and innovation! Art helps students learn as they explore art materials and the creative process of taking ideas from within and brining them into existence. Nurturing creative potential stands at the center of preparing our children for life.


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