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My family and I are very fortunate to have found this school for our little Angel with special needs since moving to South Florida. My son just started attending this school in August 2020 and his progress at this stellar school it has been amazing. My wife and I only regretted that we didn't move before to FL. The staff it friendly and made us feel welcome all the time. We feel extremely confident leaving our son at this well maintained academy. Thank you for existing in our life.


I love this school for my boys. They love it there and have grown so much since they started. I'm so happy I made the decision to send them there. The principal, the teachers and the staffs are all great and they care so much for all of the children attending the school.


When they say you need a village DSA is my village for my son. Amazing staff. I am beyond grateful for everything they have been and continue to be for my son. I highly recommend Dickens Sanomi Academy!


A "godsend"! I can only thank God for putting them in our lives. There is nowhere else like this; where our children are genuinely cared for and not seen as problem children, but truly as students with individual special needs...


I am completely happy with this school the administration as well as the teachers. One of my grandsons who is mildly autistic and has attended this school for the past several years. I have seen him grow tremendously. My second grandson who has attended this school for the past two years who is not autistic. I have seen him developed and grow as well. The classroom structure and curriculums in my opinion are catered for each child and their individuals learning needs. I have attended many events at Dickens and I am pleased to see the care and attention that they provide to our children. Thanks Mrs Juliet and your staff for bringing hope to the children of our community.


My younger cousins attend this school. They have some of the best administrators and teachers there. They’re patient, kind and most of all they care about the progression of their students! I highly recommend anyone, more especially with a child with any acute delays, to check this school out! :)


If I had to describe my experience at Dickens Sanomi Academy in one word, it'd be Awesome! My son is five years old now. I can honestly say that since Kion has started this school in August of 2017, I have not received one phone call telling me to come pick him up early for any reason. Also, Kion's interation with other children is amazing; when just a week before he started this school, he was told that he doesn't interact with other children.


My daughter started attending this school in August 2020 (she has autism and struggled with virtual learning in public school during the pandemic). Dickens Sanomi Academy has literally been a blessing and I would recommend this school to any parent with a child that needs a specialized education. The staff there are incredible, knowledgeable and gifted; and the atmosphere they create for the children is wonderful. Never have I been exposed to such a creative learning environment. Every morning I thank God for this school and for the opportunity my child has been given to attend this school. Every morning I pray that this school will continue to be successful and that they will remain open, because I dont see my daughter attending any other school.


My son has been a student at Dickens Sanomi Academy for 6 years and this was the best choice I ever made. The environment is very family friendly and goal oriented.



Truly thankful for the wonderful teachers & staff @ DSA. They are properly trained & understand the needs of my son both academically & behaviorally. As a parent, I have a sense of relief, calmness & assurance in knowing that my spouse & I have made the right decision in choosing DSA for our son!