From the Principal's Pen,

Dickens Sanomi Academy is an institution dedicated to providing excellence in education for children who perform better in a small classroom setting. At DSA, our belief is that individualized methods will assist these children in gaining required tools for life. This will give them the ability, as well as confidence, to chart their paths into successful adulthood. Due to repeated failures in the classroom and the development of destructive habits, some children have been disregarded. As a result, they risk the chance of losing potential, future opportunities.


To accomplish this goal, they must be in a caring, inclusive learning environment that promotes their best effort and reinforces personalized learning. Dickens Sanomi Academy provides an alternative to families that are seeking an innovative route or a new outlook in education.





Juliet E. Sanomi
Principal & Founder

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Our Mission

To equip our students with the highest quality of education in an environment suitable for their different learning styles; while providing them with the tools necessary to be successful individuals in society. 

Benefits of DSA
  • Certified ESE Teachers

  • ABA Specialist On Site

  • Small Teacher Student Class Ratios 

  • Individualized Curriculum

  • Hands-On Learning

  • After-School Services Also Available

  • Extra Curricular Activities 

W H A T   P E O P L E   S A Y   A B O U T   U S

"I smile when my son says he loves his teachers; something I never heard from him before... The teachers and staff work diligently to address any problems that arise and they support and foster the gifts in every child. The school is small enough that the staff members know all of the children by name, but large enough that the kids have plenty of friends..."


"If I had to describe my experience at Dickens Sanomi Academy in one word, it'd be Awesome! My son is five years old now. I can honestly say that since Kion has started this school in August of 2017, I have not received one phone call telling me to come pick him up early for any reason. Also, Kion's interation with other children is amazing; when just a week before he started this school, he was told that he doesn't interact with other children."

                                                                                                                                                                   - Alecia

"Truly thankful for the wonderful teachers & staff @ DSA. They are properly trained & understand the needs of my son both academically & behaviorally. As a parent, I have a sense of relief, calmness & assurance in knowing that my spouse & I have made the right decision in choosing DSA for our son!"


"A "godsend"! I can only thank God for putting them in our lives. There is nowhere else like this; where our children are genuinely cared for and not seen as problem children, but truly as students with individual special needs..."